Thursday, 16 April 2009

Conference alterations...

So this paper I'm trying to put together on mixing algorithms just didn't quite come together in time for DAFx. Or more exactly, the actual research wasn't quite done till like yesterday. But it's not all bad. I'm submitting to Sound and Music Computing 2009 instead, which looks like it'll be an interesting conference. This also gives me a couple more much need days to hash out a few more thoughts on things.
Here's a teaser from the paper:

For the purpose of this discussion we will be dealing with various types of song transitions in order of temporal complexity, from the simplest to describe in time to the most complex.

    Song to song transition types

  • Arbitrary Length Fixed Time Crossfade

  • Phrase-Aligned Start No Tempo Adjust

  • Phrase-Aligned Start, Running Beat Alignment

  • Phrase-Aligned Start, Phrase-Aligned Finish

Once I've got this draft done I'll post some more bits. In the meantime, anyone have any further ideas on core subdivisions of song to song transitions, from the perspective of time alignment?

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