Wednesday, 28 January 2009

ah semantics

So I'm fairly certain this has been discussed before, but I'm going to pose the question again.  Music Information Retrieval or something else?  I prefer the term Music Informatics as I find it to be more generally encompassing of the sort of work that get labeled with the more well used term music information retrieval, but perhaps not?

The (re)birth of a properly open artist centric social music platform?

So apparently muxtape has been reborn as  a sort of attempt to do MySpace Music correctly.  It seems to early to tell if this will work out for them, but I'm really  hoping that 'correctly' means a gratuitously open api and quality linking open data compatible rdf.  Though really none of that will matter if they don't get past the critical mass threshold of users/participants.  We'll classify this one as wait and see...

pretty DJs make playlists

or at least I do.  I'm going to be mixing records this evening on Goldsmiths student radio.  From 6-8pm GMT.  Standard fair, drum 'n bass, breakcore, *core (that's a new genre I'm declaring.  The hip kids pronounce it wild card core).  Mixed live, in all its glory.  I'm going to try to be in the freenode irc channel #wiredradio , but this may or may not work out.  Also, if you have an aversion to visiting websites, but like using the internet, the stream is:
If you throw that uri into something that can deal with streaming aac (I hope you're happy Richard...) you should be good. Quicktime Player works, so does VLC, as does any player built on ffmpeg.

right.  back to writing up this ISMIR tutorial proposal.