Monday, 1 September 2008

in between an ICMC and an ISMIR

So I'm gathering my thoughts on ICMC (I presented this poster) while simultaneously prepping for my poster/presentation for ISMIR (paper).

ICMC was very interesting. Kurt has a nice summary of a few of the notable papers. I did actually go to Bob Strum's presentation on Friday and there tech has some amazing potential as well as a rather slick interface (especially for research software...). Beyond this though, I spent a good portion of the paper sessions attending the discussions on aesthetic and philosophical considerations, in part because I have approximately no formal background in that sort of thing and as I'm setting out to make playlists (and mix them) in a way that's pleasing (or at least interesting). So I heard a very interesting talk by Gary Kendall presenting an attempt at an event based descriptor schema for Electro-Acoustic music (can't find the paper online...). While I must admit that the details of the schema's application to Electro-Acoustic music left something to be desired, I found the general constructs of attempting to define event based descriptors of things like expectation and energy expended to be very intriguing.

I have some video from the mobile phone orchestra performance, that I'll be posting a bit later, providing it's worth looking at.

Back to prepping for ISMIR.

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