Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Draft Lessig!

Draft Lessig!

I realize that many of the people reading this might not know who Larry Lessig is, so perhaps a brief intro, and then it should be clear to those who know me why he's exactly sort of congressperson I'd want (I'll take him in the Palo Alto district, the key is to get him into congress) Larry Lessig is the founder and ceo of the Creative Commons non profit set up to push the copyleft ideas of the same name. He is a law professor at the Stanford Law School, a founder of the school's Center for Internet and Society.Further, he is on the executive board of the Electronic Freedom Foundation and has worked in numerous ways to support the idea Free Software and Free Content in a general sense.

In response to this recent draft movement, Larry Lessig has officially started an exploratory committee. Watch this fantastic announcement video for more info about what his campaign would be about:

Change Congress!

h/t Matt Stoller over at Open Left

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